Friday, December 2, 2011

the rebuild

well, i'm back (not that anyone really reads this)! i lost interest in blogging for the last year or two, but have recently felt the urge to return and write about some changes that i'm making in my life ... thus the new blog title, Kev 2.0.

this desire to make changes hasn't come lightly. it's grown over time. i've been in what i would call a motivational slump for the better part of a year now. not a depression or a midlife crisis, but just unproductiveness (if that's a word). while coming out of this fog, i've been reflecting on things and realizing that i'm not satisfied with many aspects of my life. i need to make a change. i want to be a better husband, father, provider, employee, and most importantly, child of God. i'll just expand a bit on the latter ...

i'm 41 years old, and i feel as though i'm finally growing in my spiritual walk with Christ. i guess we never really stop growing, but it's a little embarrassing that it's taken me until now to really want to grow. but i guess it's better late than never, right? i'm not exactly sure when or why i stopped growing. we've been attending a new church for the past 2 years and i feel like my faith has grown in leaps and bounds since then. God has taught me a lot about prayer in the last while, which i'll have to write about in another post.